“… Hypersensitive and intuitive, I reveal myself in my painting which is for me my most direct means of expression, my space of freedom where my dissent flourishes.

A haven, where I immerse myself and connect to my psyche to transcribe a dreamlike universe, through the dance of my brushes, materials and colors.
Beauty, movement and harmony are then tamed, sculpted, altered and freed with knives, like an opposition between strength and fragility, between the expression of sensitivity and the prison of form.

Painting like poetry, a chimera of my emotions. ”.

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“My art…

… is imbued with the wonders and forces of nature and the universe (mineralogy, astronomy) as well as spirituality.
Beauty is everywhere and essential, sometimes invisible to the naked eye like stardust.
The abstract in order to capture it and place it in an alternative reality, like a journey into other interpenetrative dimensions where the material would be different and where the absolute would be discernible.
Welcome to the metaphysical illustration of an artist who questions her place in the infinite and for whom painting the invisible is like reaching out her soul towards the energy of the world ”.

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“Contrasts and lights beyond pigments…”
Myriam Benoliel

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